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Lupus Cover Up (Camouflage) Makeup

About Lupus (subacute cutaneous lesions)

These are non-scarring, red and scaly lesions that are very photosensitive, that is they get worse when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. They tend to occur on the face in a butterfly shaped distribution or can be more widespread on the body. Even though these lesions do not result in scarring, their extent and color change can cause you major cosmetic concerns.

About half of the patients who are diagnosed with this type of skin involvement will, in time, develop other organ involvement (also called systemic involvement or systemic disease), such as arthritis conditions with their blood. Kidney disease is unusual in patients with this type of skin disease.

Lupus 1/3
Lupus 2/3

Cover Up MakeUp for Lupus

To find an appropriate cover up makeup product for Lupus check the list of brands that offer camouflage concealers. Refer to Camouflage Makeup Application Tips for help in using the product.

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