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Camouflage & Cover Up Makeup: Articles and Studies

  Colored Facial Cosmetics
Colored cosmetics are an important part of the dermatologic armamentarium. They can camouflage contour and pigment abnormalities, provide moisturization, enhance oil control, add sun protection, deliver barrier-enhancing agents, increase acne treatment, and create a sense of personal well-being. Familiarity with these products allows the dermatologist to provide better patient care.   Read more >>

  Camouflage Makeup
Camouflage makeup is an opaque, cream/wax-based product. It is also known as corrective makeup or concealor. It should be matched in color to the area on the face that it will cover.   Read more >>

  Makeup Myths
Since commercial (mass marketed) cosmetics were first sold in the early 1920s, cosmetic companies have used unobtainable promises and advertising hype to promote and sell their products to female consumers, thus creating unrealistic expectations and the promise of impossible results. Even today, many professional makeup artists believe these same myths, thinking that they are a reality.   Read more >>